Famous Phi Psi's
Phog Allen, "Father of Basketball Coaching" (Kansas Alpha, University of Kansas, 1905)
Joseph W. Barr, US Secretary of the Treasury 1968-1969, FDIC Chairman (Indiana Alpha, DePauw University, 1936)
Evan Bayh, US Senator (IN), Former Governor of Indiana 1989-1997 (Indiana Beta, Indiana University, 1975)
Capt. Henry H. Bingham, Civil War Medal of Honor recipient (Pennsylvania Alpha, Jefferson College, 1862)
Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of NYC, founder of Bloomberg LP (Maryland Alpha, Johns Hopkins University, 1961)
Zach Braff, actor (Illinois Alpha, Northwestern University, 1997)
Pierce Butler, US Supreme Court Justice 1922-1939 (Minnesota Alpha, Carleton College, 1885)
John T. Connor, US Secretary of Commerce 1965-1967 (New York Beta, Syracuse University 1933)
Roy Crane, cartoonist (Texas Alpha, University of Texas at Austin, 1922)
John W. Davis, Democratic presidential nominee 1924 (Virginia Beta, Washington and Lee University, 1889)
Maj. Gen. William Donovan, WWI Medal of Honor recipient, OSS founder (New York Gamma, Columbia, 1903)
Herbert H. Dow, founder of Dow Chemical Company (Ohio Epsilon, Case Institute of Technology, 1888)
Ford Frick, MLB commissioner 1951-1965, Baseball Hall of Fame member (Indiana Alpha, DePauw, 1913)
Peter Graves, actor (Minnesota Beta, University of Minnesota, 1946)
Stephen Hadley, US National Security Adviser 2005-2009 (New York Alpha, Cornell University, 1966)
Homer A. Holt, Governor of West Virginia 1937-1941 (Virginia Beta, Washington and Lee University, 1916)
John F. Kennedy Jr., son of President John F. Kennedy (Rhode Island Alpha, Brown University, 1983)
Johhny "Red" Kerr, former NBA player, coach, and broadcaster (Illinois Delta, University of Illinois, 1954)
Lloyd Lowndes Jr., Governor of Maryland 1895-1899 (Pennsylvania Beta, Allegheny College, 1864)
Frank Morgan, Academy Award nominated actor (New York Alpha, Cornell University 1908)
Jerry Nelson, founder of Ticketmaster (California Epsilon, UCLA, 1948)
Charles "Buddy" Rogers, actor and band leader (Kansas Alpha, University of Kansas, 1923)
James Whitcomb Riley, poet and writer (Indiana Alpha, DePauw University, 1883)
Roy Scheider, Academy Award nominated actor (Pennsylvania Eta, Franklin and Marshall, 1954)
Tex Schramm, member of NFL Hall of Fame (Texas Alpha, University of Texas at Austin, 1940)
Mark Spitz, swimmer and Olympic legend, won 7 gold medals in 1972 (Indiana Alpha, DePauw University, 1957)
James Thurber, Pulitzer Prize winning author (Ohio Delta, Ohio State University, 1918)
President Woodrow Wilson, Governor of NJ 1911-1913, President of the US 1913-1921 (Virgina Alpha, UVA, 1879)
Angus G. Wynne Jr., founder of Six Flags (Texas Alpha, University of Texas at Austin, 1933)
Jerry Yang, co-founder and former CEO of Yahoo! (California Beta, Stanford University, 1987)
George Yardley, member of Basketball Hall of Fame (California Beta, Stanford University, 1947)
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